Thursday, December 26, 2013

12 in 2014

As 2014 steadfastly approaches I have been trying to focus on coming up with a great resolution for the new year.  It’s difficult to pinpoint one singular thing that I want to work on, so after mulling over some ideas with my friend ARS, I came up with a list of goals for each month.

January: Unclutter the apartment and get rid of the things we no longer use, need, or want.
February: Save as much money as possible.
March: Study a language a little bit each day.
April: Start a running routine to get back up to 5 miles.
May: Meditate 3 times per week.
June: Eat more healthful foods.
July: Read at least 5 new books.
August: Drink more water daily.
September: Go for a long walk around the city at least once week.
October: Visit or catch up with 4 people I have not seen in a while.
November: Try a new recipe once a week.
December: Try a new craft or project once a week.

Some goals are simple and easy to achieve, while others may take a little more effort.  However, I think that having a new thing to work toward each month will be a great motivator.

Now it's your turn: Create your own 12 in 2014 list and share with me what you have come up with!

See what other's have come up with:

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