Tuesday, July 2, 2013

Weekend Update

On Friday afternoon we decided to try Citi Bikes.
I'm not a huge fan of the danger you're constantly in as you weave in and out of nyc traffic,
or of the grossness left behind by previous riders.
I think I'll stick to cabs.

Thankfully, we reached the Frying Pan for some beer and fries. 

The weather seemed uncertain, but held out for us in the end.

Later, we got drinks at Gallow Green.
This is the awesome rooftop bar at the McKittrick Hotel, the home of Sleep No More.

There was an incredible band playing downstairs in the Manderley Bar.
I highly recommend you check this place out if you're in the mood for drinks and dancing.

On Saturday we attended an awesome wedding at Gotham Hall (four blocks from our apartment!)

On Sunday, I ended the weekend the best way I know how.

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