Wednesday, June 19, 2013

Peanut Butter Banana Panini

Here’s a ridiculously easy idea for your next snack at home...
Peanut Butter Banana Paninis!

In the words (kind of) of Guy Fieri, “you’ve got the peanut butteriness of the peanut butter,
and the banana-i-ness of the banana, and the panini-ness of the panini."
All amazing things, combined into one.
I’ll take five.

You will need:

-2 slices of bread
-3 tablespoons of peanut butter
-1 medium banana
-a George Foreman grill/panini press/etc.
-tall glass of milk (for drinking)

This is pretty straightforward, but I will illustrate with photos
just in case you can’t visualize this delectable seductress of a sandwich.

Slice banana thinly.
Preheat your panini press or (if you’re cheap, like me) George Foreman grill.

On one slice of bread, place banana slices in two layers.
On the other slice, spread thick layer of peanut butter.

Spray light coating of butter spray.
Press for 3 − 6 minutes (depending on heat level).


P.S. Stay tuned for more of my little doodles.

1 comment:

  1. I love making this. When the peanut butter is all melty and smooth... I can't even think of the right words to describe the feeling. This is a really great dessert too, especially if you're on a diet like me :)


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