Tuesday, May 28, 2013

Turkey Club Lettuce Wraps

The other day was beautiful, so Harper and I played outside in the sun.
The warm weather is constantly reminding (nagging) me that bikini season is around the corner,
so for lunch I decided to make some Turkey Club Lettuce Wraps.

To make, you will need:

6 slices of turkey
3 slices of bacon
1 leaves of lettuce
1 tbsp of light mayo

...A little bacon never hurt anybody!

"We want bacon!"

Crispy bacon is best, as it will crumble all over the turkey and give a nice crunch.

Replacing the bread with lettuce will save you a minimum of 200 calories!

Serving size: 2 wraps
Calories: 240
Protein: 27 g
Fat: 9 g


  1. Yum! This looks delicious!


  2. Yummy! and your puppy is adorable!



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